Cros-B-Crest Farm

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Cros-B-Crest Farm, established in 1894, (yes we are that old) has evolved through the years by being open to change and adapting to market opportunities. Generally devoted to livestock and cropping enterprises, Cros-B-Crest Farm (CBC Farm) has had ag production ranging from apple orchards to row crops to beef cattle, poultry and sheep enterprises.

Beginning in the 1960’s and expanding during the 1980's horticulture has become the focus of the farm and is now the main production entity.

In 1986, CBC Farm built their first covered greenhouse and sold their products to the local Farm Bureau. Realizing its potential, CBC Farm expanded over the years from one 42 x 96 foot greenhouse to its current production area which spans over two acres. Striving to provide an environment suitable for all horticulture crops, CBC Farm has constructed energy efficient houses featuring the Cravo, Retract-A-Roof, system. Cravo greenhouses offer the best of both worlds, full sun and natural ventilation plus wind and frost protection for the ultimate in floral production - what more could a plant want!

CBC Farm operated as a retail and wholesale production unit until 2008 when the focus turned fully to wholesale production.  With this move, CBC Farm increased its efficiency and is able to offer superior quality and service to its customers.  We are always on the lookout for new and exciting varieties to offer and enjoy building relationships with our customers.