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Pansies are hardy, cold weather tolerant plants which make them a great option for fall color in container gardens or for landscaping needs. Fall planted pansies are enjoyed during the autumn season, often blooming again throughout the following spring.

Featured below is just a selection of our many fall pansy varieties. We offer top selling solid (clear) colors, as well as popular assorted (delta blotch) colors. In addition to a fully stocked line of pansies and violas, we carry cool wave pansies - great for baskets.  Grown in various sizes, our pansies are perfect for retail garden centers and landscapers alike.  Open our wholesale catalog for the full listing of available pansy selections.


Delta Light Blue

Matrix True Blue

Delta Lemon

Delta Primrose

Matrix Orange

Delta Red

Matrix Rose

Delta White

Delta Blotch

Berry Tart Mix

Blotched Mix

Delta Blotch Fire

Delta Blotch Tapestry

Delta Blotch Violet and White

Dynamite Wine Flash

Matrix Citrus Mix

Matrix Morpheus

Magestic Giants II

Deep Blue Blotch

Ocean Blotch

Red Blotch

Yellow Blotch


Penny Red Wing

Penny Violet Flare

Penny White Jump Up

Sorbet Yellow

Cool Wave

10" CW Planters

10" CW Hanging Baskets

6" CW Pansies